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FaceCast 2.1: Scotch And...
October 18, 2014 10:31 AM PDT
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We're back! And not only is the show back and brand new, it's also... regressing? Flashing back? For those that may or may not remember, FaceCast is the evolution of Demented Podcast, which I co-hosted for quite some time one Mr. Steve Honeywell of 1001plus. When it became FaceCast, Steve took a hiatus from podcasting, so I joined up with Kristen for a bit. That show only lasted a little while, and I teamed up with Pat for We Sing Poorly. It was great, but took too much work to keep up with. So now it's time for the triumphant return of FaceCast (version 2), this time bringing back.... (drum roll)... Steve Honeywell! That's right, the dynamic duo are partnering up once more and bringing with them a bit of the old flair and format. There are some changes, though, which are discussed in the show proper, so I'll leave it to our show-selves to explain.

All you need to know now is that we're discussing two films with guest Jason Soto! (Some of you might know him.) This month--for it's only going to be a monthly show for now--we're here to get spooky on you and discuss the original House on Haunted Hill and the John Cusack spook-tacular 1408.

And not only that, but we also have a listener game! The game is first-come, first-serve in answering, so make sure to listen quick and give us your responses in the comments to gain points! And who knows? Maybe we'll have a prize down the line...

But for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Or don't, but you can tell us about that, as well.